Announcing our newly designed website

We are excited to announce our newly designed website at The purpose of our new website design is multi-fold.

We have migrated from our prior company name of Venta Mortgage, to Frank Perea. Why? Because we’ve joined forces with The Travis Group which is under the umbrella of Southwest Funding.

With this new name change and partnership, we had to completely update our business information including this new website. Along with this new website, here are some features you will enjoy.

  • This new website is responsive and mobile friendly so you can view it on any device and it will still look gorgeous!
  • The main menu scrolls down with you, allowing you to easily navigate to any page on our site.
  • Our new site has a resources section where you can use our mortgage calculator.
  • We also have our local business directory of other trusted professionals.

On top of these incredible new updates for our site, we have a wealth of information on everything mortgage related. So check our our blog as well as our main menu for detailed information on the topic that you are searching for.

So what do you think of our new website design? Here is a comparison of our new site with our old site:


Venta Mortgage Midland Texas

Frank Perea New Website Design

What do you think about our new development? Please feel free to comment below?

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